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With over 20 years of experience in architecture,  BHD helps clients in multiple sectors to design and build what is unique to their office or home.



BHD helps businesses grow from the ground up.  Plan, design and build your next commercial project with our attentive team.  Having experience with civic buildings, parking garages, storage facilities and office spaces, we understand the unique needs of these projects.  Every business wants a smooth building process that allows them to begin using their space sooner for return on their investment. 


Designing homes is a pleasure for every architect.  Making a space that is not only beautiful but livable.  Each home is a personal expression and an investment in future memories.  We help you navigate the complex planning process with cities and counties, design with your style and help you build with less hassle and more accuracy.  

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Having planned, designed and built multiple properties for religious purposes in Salt Lake, Davis and Utah County.  We understand the importance of longevity of design and timeliness in construction.  We are proud to have worked with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in many ways. 


Utilizing an existing structure is sometimes the only option.  From home expansions to building repurposing, BHD’s team collaborates with clients to develop timelines that disrupt less by planning for the problems that can arise in buildings constrained by space and structure.

Renovated Space


Determining the potential of real estate helps business know what to expect before entering the full design phase.  It also helps businesses work on unrealized potential for their properties.  With options in renderings, site analysis, feasibility and cost estimating, BHD Architects can help businesses see the full potential of their project.

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